Arizona Junior Challenge

Arizona Junior Challenge



Schedule of Events:
Sunday, February 28, 2021
Player Check-in (1hr before tee time)
Tee Times: 10:30 - 12:36
6:15 pm Awards

Entry Fee & Format:
Entry Fee - $80 per player
One Round, 18 Holes, Medal Play

Eligibility Criteria:
Open to junior golfers who are residents of Arizona, who are at least 12 years of age and who will not yet be 19 years of age by January 1, 2021, who have not graduated high school or started college, and who meet at least one of the following Eligibility Criteria. Any player who:
1. Entered in The First Tee participant database at a minimum of Birdie-Certified level before January 1, 2021
2. Qualified as a 2020-2021 JGAA Championship Division player
3. Finished Top 20 Boys or Top 10 Girls in the 2020 Antigua Junior Tour Championship
4. Finished Top 20 Boys or Top 10 Girls in the 2020 Southwest PGA Junior Championship
5. Has previously qualified in any year for the Boys and Girls State Junior Championship

Online Only Registration opens at 8:00 am MST Monday, February 8, 2021 at Additional information can be obtained by calling Jeffrey Anti at 480.218.2479 or at the telephone number listed below. No telephone or hand delivered registration will be accepted. Payment of the Entry Fee in advance is required at the time of Online Registration in order to make the Registration complete. Registration will be closed at 5:00 pm MST Saturday February 20, 2021. The Official Registered Player Roster will be posted online as soon as possible after 5:00 pm MST, Sunday February 21, 2021. If the field for either gender exceeds the maximum number by gender a list of Alternates will be created and used to fill vacancies created by withdrawal of a qualified registrant or one who does not show on the day of play. Alternate Entry Fees paid upon Registration will be retained until Alternate withdraws or is not moved into the field at which time the Entry Fee paid in advance may be returned to the party who paid for applicant upon request.

When registering please specify player's eligibility by numbered Eligibility Criteria above. Each qualified applicant will receive a confirmation email from Jeffrey Anti, Longbow Golf Club upon verification of Eligibility and Registration. Any applicant who is found to be not qualified will be notified in the same manner and the Entry Fee paid in advance will be returned to the party who paid for the applicant. After Eligibility and Registration is verified by email, any player who withdraws without earning entry as described below or who does not show on the day of play will forfeit their Entry Fee. A registered player who earns entry into the 2021 Ping Heather Farr Classic on PBE status after verification notice is sent and who chooses to withdraw at that time may request a refund in writing of the Entry Fee paid in advance.

Practice Rounds:
Registered players may schedule Practice Round tee times at any time prior to February 28, 2021 at a $25 rate by calling Longbow Golf Club at 480.807.5400. Youth On Course members with one day in advance of the desired YOC practice round and proper identification may play rounds beginning at 1:00 pm daily at YOC rates. Longbow Golf Club availability and cancellation policies apply.

The Top Two Boy and Top Two Girl players, subject to Field Size, will be awarded a Tournament Committee Exemption to play in the 20210 AJGA Ping Heather Farr Classic presented by Longbow Golf Club held from April 2, 3, 4, 2021 and must meet all AJGA criteria. If a Registered player has already applied for and is included in the field for the 2021 AJGA Ping Heather Farr Classic, the player may participate but if the player finishes in the Arizona Junior Challenge Top Two Boys or Girls, the Exemption will be awarded to the next ranked finishing player not already included in the 2021 AJGA Ping Heather Farr Classic field and so on until all Exemptions have been awarded. No AJGA merit points will be awarded for participation in the Arizona Junior Challenge.

Field Size:
The Field Size is limited to 90 total participants, the first 50 Boys and 40 Girls who register following the opening of Registration on a first come basis and who meet at least one of the Eligibility Criteria and Entry Fee paid in advance. The Boy and Girl Field Size must each reach a minimum of 30 qualified registrants for the participants to play for Two Boy and Two Girl Exemptions. If less than 30 qualified Boy or qualified Girl Registrations are received in either Boy or Girl Field Size the Exemption number will be reduced for that gender to one.

Ownership and Participation:
This event is owned and operated by the host facility Longbow Golf Club and is not owned, sponsored or sanctioned by the AJGA. It is being held for the exclusive benefit and enjoyment of the Registered Arizona players and the participating organizations shown on this information flyer. The Exemptions are offered by the AJGA Ping Heather Farr Classic Tournament Committee to top finishing participants under the terms of an agreement with the AJGA. The AJGA is the owner of and retains all rights and privileges in and to the AJGA Ping Heather Farr Classic.

Participation in this event does not affect a player's status with any participating organization including the AJGA, or a player's eligibility based on the PBE System for 2021 AJGA Ping Heather Farr Classic or any other AJGA event. Any player unsuccessful in earning an Exemption through the Arizona Junior Challenge will be eligible to apply for the AJGA Qualifying Round to be held on March 31, 2021 at the 2021 AJGA Ping Heather Farr Classic presented by Longbow Golf Club if otherwise eligible.

If a player earning an Exemption through the Arizona Junior Challenge is not an AJGA member the player must become a member and join the AJGA prior to March 31, 2021 to be eligible to participate as a player in the AJGA 2021 Ping Heather Farr Classic or any subsequent AJGA event.

2020 Arizona Junior Challenge OFFICIAL PLAYER ROSTER
2020 Arizona Junior Challenge Leader Board